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Healthy Exotic Hand-Fed Birds

Exotic Birds in Southern California

As a Southern California bird breeder, we specialize in raising Australian parrots, parakeets, some exotic finches, a diversification of few African species such as finches and parrots (CAG’s and poicephalus) and other parrots. At EMR Exotic Bird Breeder you will find high quality beautiful exotic birds, where individualized human attention and care is provided for a healthy-happy bird.

Starting as a young child, I took heart when it comes to the care and importance of these birds. From their carefully selected natural, relaxed and nurturing environment, to their specific diets, paying careful attention to their needs to ensure a happy healthy and a well adjusted loving companion from my home to yours.

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Bird Buyers Testimonials

Mary Brown
Denham Springs, Louisiana

The birds were shipped 2 days after payment was made. They came in a nice box and were singing on the car ride home from airport. They were also eating the next day and looked so beautiful. Eve was so nice and easy to do business with. Thank you Eve.

Nasrathullah Syed
Oakley, California

Buying birds from Eva for about 8 to 9 years, never had any issues, always sent me great birds. Just received Perfect pair of Rose Breasted Cockatoo.

Sally Hackley
Los Angeles, California

Eva was absolutely phenomenal to work with! This is the best experience I have ever had with a breeder--she is exceptionally knowledgeable and was so open with sharing this knowledge and expertise. I will most certainly get my future birds from Eva!

Brook Lutz
Center Valley, PA

I had a wonderful experience with Eva! She sent me a beautiful Indian Ringneck. This was my first experience having a bird shipped to me and she made it so easy. She has excellent communication and awesome birds! I will be back for more A+++++

Exquisite Birds to Choose From

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We have a varied selection of exquisite and exotic bird species to choose from in our aviary located in San Diego County. I will make every effort to help you select one of the beautiful creations we nurtured, as the right match to fit your specific needs, as any bird owner would expect. Our website is developed to help you find that special winged addition to your family as a pet or a companion. I know the kind of joy they bring to our lives.

We are devoted to helping you make the right choices and decisions regarding your choice of bird breed; we encourage you to read our TESTIMONIALS from our happy, satisfied and repeat clients. Tour our site, enjoy the bird photo gallery and make EMR Exotic Bird Breeder your next stop in finding that special bird you are looking for.

EMR Exotic Bird Breeder is located in San Diego County in beautiful, sunny southern California.

14 Years in Aviculture

We love birds and take pride in our aviary and the amazing species we are blessed to raise here.

Customer Service

You are investing in a living being,  we care about each exotic bird produced here and are here to answer any questions.

Health Guarantee

We offer a 72 hour health guarantee on any bird your purchase. Please make sure to have your new bird evaluated by an avian vet within 24 hours.

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We are a passionate breeder of exotic birds located in San Diego California.

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We are breeders of exotic birds, specializing in Australian Grass Parakeets. We also concentrate our breeding program on African Parrots and many other species.

A new service we've added is Plumeria Plants for Sale.

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