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exotic bird breeder eva rosenI’m Eva Rosen. I grew up in the Philippines with all kinds of animals. As a young child, my brothers and I raised doves, pigeons, chickens, geese, ducks, turkeys, etc and other farm animals. We occasionally rescued young birds that fell off their nests and fed them until they were old enough to be released. After college, I traveled to Europe. I worked in Scotland and in London, England then eventually immigrated to the US in 1980. When I retired working in 2004, the beauty of EXOTIC birds caught my eye.

EMR Exotic Birds is located in sunny Southern California. Our aviary page illustrates my passion for these exquisite creatures. My love of birds introduced me to some wonderful people from across the world, many of whom have become cherished friends and confidantes. It’s a rewarding experience to help others find their new pet/companion and advise them on how to care for their birds.

I enjoy sharing my love of animals with others. I raise and breed many different species and different mutations of Australian parrots/parakeets. I am fascinated with their beauty, magnificent colors and their calm, serene nature and personality. Australian Parakeets are my specialty; however, I have added some African species (CAG’s, poicephalus and finches) to the flock.

All birds are kept and raised outdoors year round, in a natural environment here in San Diego, California. Our birds benefit from the fresh air and sunshine which are both essential in maintaining their vibrant colors and robust health. They are kept on suspended cages inside protected structures and have a view of our jungle like backyard, surrounded by trees and extensive landscaping of different kinds of fruit trees (fruits are mostly fed to the birds) and various perennial as well as exotic and tropical plants. All birds are fed quality-premium pellets (Roudybush), minimal special seed mixture, birdie bread, mash mixture of cooked beans and legumes, veggies and fruits (whatever is in season), sprouted seeds that they relish.

All birds get the TLC they deserve from me and my family. Our babies are abundance weaned, provided with individual human attention and care for a happy, healthy and well-socialized companion from my home to yours.

Ordering birds through the internet can be risky because of many unknown factors. There is a large selection to choose from, so please take a tour of our site and enjoy the fabulous photos on in the exotic bird galleries. I’d love to receive your E-mail reactions to my site. I hope we can both learn from an exchange of particular bird interests you have.

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We are a passionate breeder of exotic birds located in San Diego California.

Phone: 858-442-5061

Email: eva.emreb@gmail.com

Encinitas, CA 92024

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We are breeders of exotic birds, specializing in Australian Grass Parakeets. We also concentrate our breeding program on African Parrots and many other species.

A new service we've added is Plumeria Plants for Sale.

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