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Our Policies

EMR Exotic birds are of the finest quality and are offered at affordable prices. We guaranty our clients a healthy and a happy bird, knowing the joy and happiness they bring to our lives.

Please e-mail or call 858-442-5061 for availability first. We take reservations on any of our birds with a 50% non-refundable deposit. The balance must be paid within 30 days thereafter or the deposit will be forfeited, unless other terms are agreed upon in writing. We only sell un-weaned babies to those who have the knowledge and experience in hand feeding. The only guaranty for un-weaned babies is live arrival/delivery via insurance from the airlines. Deposit for babies will be valid for 10 days only from EMR’s notification that they are ready for shipment. We do not accept return of any bird for a refund or exchange.

All bird(s) must be paid in full and funds are cleared before they are shipped or picked up. Flight confirmation and itineraries will be e-mailed to you, so you’ll know when to pick up your bird(s) at the airport.

As form of payments we take money orders, personal checks (we hold delivery until the check clears), direct deposit to our bank account, bank wire transfer (plus wire transfer fee of $25) and Pay Pal Instant (preferred) e-check payments takes 5+ days for the funds to clear, plus PayPal fees of 3.5% of the full amount). We take cash only for local pick-up, (in the past we received several NSF checks or checks written from a closed account) All sales to California destinations are subject to Sales Tax. Exempt are sales made for resale under a valid resale certificate issued by the CA State Board of Equalization. E-mail me a copy of your resale certificate number. Shipping charges such as air freight, crates, Pay Pal fees, financing and wire transfer fees are your additional cost.

EMR Exotic Bird Breeder does not offer tours of our aviaries and our birds for health and safety reasons. However, young birds maybe seen/visited by appointment ONLY. Local pick up of birds maybe available and by appointment ONLY. (No Sunday appointments).

All our newly acquired birds are quarantined for 45 days minimum in a separate area, away from all the other birds for conditioning before they are introduced to the others.

All sales are final and not subject to refund, cancellation, return or exchange except as specifically stated herein. We guaranty that, to the best of our knowledge our birds are shipped healthy and free from disease. Upon your request, we can arrange for health certificates, vaccinations, etc from our local certified avian vet for an additional charge.

We are not responsible for any condition arising after the birds are delivered, including but not limited to: mistreatment, malnutrition, lack of food or clean water, exposure to trauma, stress, excessive heat or cold or neglect.

Health Guarantee

We strongly suggest to have a qualified avian veterinarian check your newly acquired bird(s) as soon as you receive them. We guarantee the birds for a period of 3 days (72 hours ONLY) from date of delivery. If the avian vet finds that the bird(s) is tested positive of pre-existing and un-treatable fatal disease, we require a written documentation with test results from him of the disease. Replacement of the bird will be made only one time -there will be no replacement of a replacement.

Any newly acquired bird should be segregated from your existing birds to insure there is no transfer of air born disease to or from either group.

In the event that the bird(s) dies in the 3 days period, take it to a laboratory or an avian vet for a necropsy to determine the cause of death. You notify us in writing or e-mail with the test results that our bird is tested positive with a terminally illness/disease by a qualified independent avian vet. We require the return of the diseased birds closed leg band intact (not cut). Again, replacement of the bird will be made only one time-there will be no replacement of a replacement.

We will replace the bird of same specie and sex, including a pro-rata share of shipping costs, if applicable, based on the cause of death or the untreatable fatal disease and upon verification of the documentation provided us by your qualified avian veterinarian. If in any event we do not have the same bird and sex, we will credit the amount toward any bird you may choose, no CASH refund.

EMR Exotic Bird Breeder is not responsible for the cost of any examination and testing performed by your avian vet.

Failure to have the bird(s) examined by a qualified avian vet within the 3 day period, nullify and void the above health guaranty.

The only guaranty for unweaned babies is live arrival/delivery, which are only sold to experienced hand feeders as described earlier. There will be no returns nor exchange.

Gender Limited Guaranty

We DNA most of our non-dimorphic birds to determine their gender.

Sexually dimorphic birds can be sexed visibly by differences in plumage colors, head and beak size and body structure. Even with these differences, errors may occur and there is no 100% guarantee. For these birds, we will use our best efforts to send you the gender requested. We will be happy to submit for DNA testing for any birds you want at an additional cost.

In the highly unlikely event, you receive a bird of a different sex than ordered, we will try to replace any error, upon receipt of the bird back within 30 DAYS in excellent health and in the same condition they were received. You will be responsible for all costs of return shipping and replacement shipping. No CASH refunds

Shipping and Handling

Delta Airline shipping $175: plus shipping crate of $45 sml, $55 med and $65 lg, X-lg $75 (made of hard plywood, very safe for the birds). Additional $50 charge for orders under $500

We ship throughout the continental USA primarily via United Air Lines, via Delta Airlines, we also use Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, etc. Buyers pay in advance for the birds, airline shipping costs, airline insurance costs for guaranteed live arrival of the birds, shipping crates, trip charge to the airport as well as any Pay Pal fees and wire transfer fees incurred.

To date, no birds have arrived DOA. In the event, a bird arrives sick, DOA or for any other problems, we must be notified within 12 hours of arrival. Any claim for a DOA must be made directly to the airline on the same day, as late claims are not accepted. Insurance stays in effect if a flight is delayed.

Additional Terms of Sale

As the owner of EMR EXOTIC BIRDS, I reserve the right to NOT sell a bird if:

- I believe that a potential customer has misled me in any way about their intentions for the bird.

- If the potential customer does not display best practices in their current collection(ie: quarantine, enclosures/habitat, food offered, etc).

- If I have any inclination a potential customer is not able to provide the care, time, appropriate diet and commitment that is in the birds best interest.

- If a potential customer intends to ‘flip’ the bird by purchasing from EMR EXOTIC BIRDS then immediately reselling them.

- If any of the above is relayed to EMR EXOTIC BIRDS or noticed on the potential customers Facebook personal page or business page, I reserve the right to refuse to sell them a bird.

- Deposits are the only verification of an agreement between purchaser and owner.

- Any messaging, conversation or texting about a potential transaction is not a commitment from EMR EXOTIC BIRDS to sell a bird. FULL payment solidifies our agreement that a bird is now the property of the customer.

- Any questions or concerns, you can email me at eva.emreb@gmail.com or call or text me at 858-442-5061.