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Plumeria for Sale in San Diego

About the Plumeria Plant

Plumeria plants are a much sought-after plant because of their sweet-aroma and their vivid colored flowers. The plumeria is part of the culture in Hawaii, used to make various lei's and head, wrist and feet accessories. Though they are considered to be tropical, these gorgeous flowers can handle a subtropical environment because they become latent, dropping their leaves as the weather gets chilly.

Plumeria plants can endure temperatures down to 36 degrees for short periods of time. When provided with a good environment, plumerias do very well in Southern California.

We hope to offer precise, succinct guidance for caring for your plumerias in San Diego.

Plumerias can be classified into two principal collections, the Obtusa, and the Rubra. The Obtusa plumeria plants have rounded shiny leaves while the Rubra plants have duller pointed leaves. The Obtusa plumeria commonly produce white flowers while the Rubra have colorful flowers. The Rubra plumerias tend to be hardier and heat tolerant than the Obtusa plumerias, which are consequently a better fit for outdoors in hot environments.

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